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Dr Kathy Baker (PhD)

Clinic Founder 

The gift of mediumship runs in Kathy's family on her mother's side and extends forward to her two daughters who are both acknowledged mediums. The purpose of Kathy's work as a medium/healer is to facilitate emotional and spiritual healing in past and present lives. This healing is made possible through conscious connection with spirit Beings connected to Kathy's clients, including passed loved ones, ancestors, and Spirit Guides.  Working with these Beings allows retrieval of aspects and experiences of past-lives that are relevant to present-life challenges.

Kathy works with a team of 11 spirit entities who  create portals of communication and healing. Whether  clients experience a reading through face-to-face, Skype or phone sessions, each client enters a healing space where deep soul work occurs. Life purposes and spiritual goals are made clear so that clients can make choices that will allow clearing of  relevant blocks and support their spiritual growth.


Heather Baker

Clinic Founder

Heather is one of the clinic’s founders, a highly qualified Remedial Therapist and a born Medium. In addition to the Diploma of Remedial Massage, Heather has completed studies in Myofascial Cupping, Dry Needling, Birth Doula Certificate (due to complete 2018), 1 year of the Bachelor of Myotherapy (before relocating to Tasmania), and has commenced studying the Bachelor of Midwifery. This extensive study in health care, has given Heather advanced knowledge of the human body and the interrelationships of all the body systems.  This knowledge allows Heather to be able to think outside the box for reasons why clients may be presenting with certain physical aliments and how best to treat. It has also led Heather to specialise in the treatment of women; maidens, mothers, and crones.

Heather works with a team of spirit guides to help her clients return to their optimum health.  The spirit guides help to treat the client’s light body and non-physical aspects of their presenting condition/s.  The work done by the spirit guides includes ceremony and physic healing. The spirit team usually work independently of Heather to ensure maximum healing can occur during the appointment time. While the spirit guides work their magic, Heather goes about her work using a combination of extensive tools she has available to her, these include: dry needling, cupping, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, stretching, traction, relaxation and pregnancy massage. 

Heather actively keeps herself up to date with all the developments in the health care sector and what services are available for her clients in the area. By doing so, Heather has been able to create strong working relationships with other health care practitioners, resulting in the finest care being provided to her clients.  Heather strongly believes that all health care modalities, Western and Eastern, have a place in the care of the human population. When the practices are applied appropriately and work cohesively together, clients benefit greatly and are able to live their best lives. 

With one foot firmly in the science world and one firmly in the spiritual world, Heather is the perfect combination of Western and Eastern medicine to be able to provide holistic health care for her clients. 

Ever Wall

In my work, I carry the intention of awareness that our human body exists as a unique evolving frequency. Touch is a wonderfully beneficial tool for integrating us back into our bodies, as well as freeing tension from the mind. Utilising my training in Remedial Massage Therapy, Zen Shiatsu, Pranic Healing, and the Usui Reiki Method.

My approach to Remedial Massage Therapy is holistic; I work with the client to identify where muscular restriction is, how it is manifesting as a pain pattern in their posture, and why and how this pain pattern manifested. “The holding pattern” can be conscious –i.e. derived from things like work place repetition in the office or any type of labour; or subconscious –i.e. a physical manifestation of an emotional state, such as heartbreak, grief, or any emotional distress that can create a holding pattern of protection around the associated Chakra. Like a suit of armour, we brace the world expecting what our beliefs internally tell us. Bodywork assists to break up the tensions and resistances we carry, to encourage deep internal healing, and opening up a healthier more balanced potential within each person.

My work so far has been varied, working with professional athletes in Rugby, Cricket A, and Mountain Bike challenges in Central Australia (to name a few), to the subtler emotional aspect of working with intention, and a clear understanding how this creates the “spiritual aspect“ of my work.

This journey began while living in Central Australia – with my studies in Aura-Soma, the colour and the frequency of colour and sound began to make presence within my massage work, further studies in Pranic Healing, Yogic Studies, and Kahuna Massage particularly revealed how many old indigenous cultures carry a continuum like a thread that binds the Body, Mind and Spirt.

My journey as a Remedial Massage therapist is one of continual self-enquiry, study and the consistent practice of techniques I have learnt, and then further developed with my own individual unique understanding.

Please feel free to book with me and we can discuss a plan that will be most effective in reducing any pain, restriction and troubles that are concerning you and your ability to move and be free in this world.

Jillaine Williams

Jillaine is a Natural & Functional Medicine Nutritionist. She has a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine (Endeavour College, Qld). She is a qualified GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) practitioner & has trained with ACNEM (Aust. college of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine) and BioBalance (Pfeiffer approach to mental health from a nutritional perspective).

Jillaine has over 12 years clinical experience working in the areas of digestive, hormonal, metabolic, immune and neurological health. Jillaine’s special interests in heavy metals chelation, dietary approaches to cancer and spectrum disorders have initiated further education with Dr Lynch (Nutrigenomics), Andy Cutler (low frequent dose chelation), Kelley/ Gonzales (nutritional balance approach to cancer.)

Jillaine can access pathology testing to assist with getting to the cause of what ails you. For e,g, using gut microbe DNA can determine if an imbalanced gut flora is triggering inflammation systemically. Blood markers can clarify if your liver is not keeping up to the task. Hair mineral analysis can demonstrate heavy metal disturbance to mineral transport systems and saliva hormone profiling can assist with restoring energy systems and reproductive balance.

Jillaine will apply her extensive experience in natural medicine to assist in getting to the root cause of your concerns and to give you the tools to restore your health going forward. She has knowledge of a multitude of dietary approaches from FODMAP, GAPS and Low Amine diets to more simple remedies such as gluten-free and dairy-free whole-food models all supported by on-line recipes and planners tailored to you specifically. As a Weston Price local leader Jillaine’s passion is about traditional food wisdom, quality sourcing and time-honoured food preparation methods.

We look forward to working together with Jillaine to bring you educational workshops in the near future.

“I look forward to providing a caring & compassionate service to our community”

Kelly Smyth (Kilandril)

Kilandril is a naturally gifted and highly intuitive spiritual consultant. Who has studied Shamanism with Robert Moss and Sandra Ingerman. She has spent years developing her abilities as a Shaman so she may take a spirit journey on your behalf. Using the beat of the drum to enter a deep meditative state Kilandril is able to converse with your guides and helping spirits. Talking you through what she is experiencing as she walks through other worlds to move energy on your behalf Kilandril works with your spirit team to align you to your highest potential and is guided by your intention for the journey. For a more interactive session you can sit with Kilandril as she receive's insights and understandings from her (Spirit) team of advisors in relation to your chosen topic of conversation


Erica Borel

(On extended leave until late 2019)

Erica Borel is a graduate of the Australian college of massage and therapies, certified nationally and a member of AAMT association. Erica is originally from Paris in France and decided to continue her career of remedial massage therapy here in Australia. After 4 years in Brisbane Erica decided to come back to the unique island of Tasmania where she felt the first connection to the country. From an early age, Erica has known a career in natural health care was her calling. Erica grew up in a health aware environment and thanks to her mother she developed an understanding of naturopathy and natural medicine.

Erica thrives for health and applies her knowledge of the human body to every massage session. Erica intentionally creates a massage that will suit your individual and precise needs. Her intuitive and serene approach offer harmony, balance, and ease to your busy life. Erica combines techniques with her diverse experiences and research to help relieve the physical pain through emotional release.

Erica believes that each client is unique and the body is an honour given to the therapist to be served and it has to be consider with respect, dignity and be nurtured. Erica thrives to find clients’ priorities and sincerely enjoys assisting in your personal goals towards wellbeing and improvement.

Erica continually strive to expand her knowledges and skills through continuing education courses she is truly passionate about massage and the positive effect of the therapy on the body and the mind.