Relaxation massage isn't just for day spas! - Heather Baker

It has long been thought that massage and in particular relaxation massage, also known as Swedish massage, was a luxury item and best suited for the clientele of day spas.  I am here to tell you this is not the case at all!  Did you know that massage is perhaps one of the oldest healing traditions? Many cultures including the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese and Indians, were convinced of the therapeutic properties of all massage techniques and used it to treat a variety of aliments.

The health benefits that can be achieved from regular Swedish massages are just as great and important as the benefits achieved through remedial and/or sports massage.  This form of massage practice is gentle, using long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibrations, and tapping to help relax and energise you.

Studies have shown that regular relaxation massage is an effective treatment to help reduce stress and the associated symptoms of stress, for example; anxiety, digestive problems, headaches (in particular tension headaches), high blood pressure, insomnia related to stress, and depression.  This type of massage often produces feelings of caring, comfort and connection, all of which are often forgotten in our busy lives.

In addition to helping treat stress and all the associated symptoms, relaxation massage also provides the following health benefits; improved circulation, reduced muscle tension, stimulation of the lymphatic system, reduction in stress hormones, and improved skin tone.  So why not book in for a Swedish massage and reap all these lovely health benefits, it is just another way to love and nurture yourself?