Loving Consciousness: Part 1 - Dr Kathy Baker

Loving Consciousness is an understanding of life that allows unconditional love and compassion for everyone, including yourself.  This understanding is based on several concepts including: we are all Divine Beings; the present moment is a cross point of past lives and ancestral patterning; we are all powerful co-creators, and an attitude of love and non-judgment about people, experiences and emotions is the basis of our Being.  Part I of the Loving Consciousness blog series will focus on our existence as Divine Beings.

We are Divine Beings

As Divine or spiritual Beings we exist as eternal Souls that are part of the Source, the Divine or God and as such we are all connected.  Our souls existed long before this human life and will continue to exist once it is time for us to leave our human bodies.  At our very core we are Love.

For most of us our existence as a Divine, or spiritual Being, is something we chose to forget when we embodied into the human form.  This forgetting has allowed us to fully experience the human condition with all of its ups and downs, it’s loves and fears and, perhaps the most painful of all, a deep sense of separateness. However, more and more of us have also chosen to remember our true heritage and some of us have made the decision not to forget, but to consciously bring the love and light of our Spirit selves into our human experience from the moment of our births.  For me it has been a Remembering, a sudden and sometimes shocking awakening that required me to shed life-long beliefs.

Remembering that we are Divine Being does not mean that suddenly our lives are easy and filled with Love and Light. On the contrary, we still experience everything that being human has to offer, otherwise why bother to embody in the first place. But what the Remembering does provide is a way to take a step back from the human drama and bring Loving Consciousness to each person, experience and emotion.  It enables us to bring perspective and purpose to the overwhelm that is being human.  We get to take a breath and consciously decide how we choose to interpret and experience this human condition.

Artist: Dan-ah Kim

Artist: Dan-ah Kim