Live a low-tox life! - Lucy Barrett

Many of my clients want to improve their wellbeing and aim for a cleaner diet and a cleaner life. In our modern daily lives it is hard to avoid the constant assault of chemicals from the world around us. Car fumes, industrial waste, smoke, pesticide spray, toxins from carpets, cosmetics, drugs, and some meats... this list goes on!

The very best we can do is make low-toxic choices for our home and our bodies.

Big ones to avoid -

·       Bisphenol A, or BPA is in most plastics, canned food linings, beverage bottles and even some plastic baby bottles.

·       Phthalates are also in plastics, nail polish, coatings on pharmaceutical drugs and cosmetics.

·       PBDEs are found in furniture, carpets, computers and adhesives.

·       DDE is a breakdown product of pesticides. In small amounts it is also found in chicken, fatty meat, fish and some non-organic vegetables and fruit.

·       PFOA is used as non-stick cookware and stain proofer on some furniture.

10 things you can do to live a low-toxic life -

1.     Eat organic or spray free

2.     Remove all conventional cleaning products from your home. Go back to bicarb soda, vinegar, essential oils, microfibre cloths and elbow grease.  Eucalyptus or orange oil are great to use for cleaning.

3.     Eat less packaged food. By virtue of being in a packet, packaged food has usually been processed or in some way removed from its natural whole-food state. The worst of course, are foods with any numbers and preservatives.

4.     Change your body cleansers and products. If you read the ingredients list and it seems like something you wouldn't put in your body, don't put it on your body. Natural-based body products are also better for our waterways and environment = win.

5.     Avoid perfumes and deodorants and go for essential oils or salt water under the arm pit to kill of smelly body odour (and ask the question, what is my body detoxing to create that BO in the first place...)

6.     Avoid unnecessary drug exposure. This is a tricky one, and something you must seek advice for I don’t advocate removal of prescription medications without advice, but I do advocate assessing your options before taking another round of antibiotics, Ural, cough syrup etc.

7.     Change your drinking water. Ensure you have clean, filtered water. If on mains water, filter it with a reverse osmosis, ceramic or a carbon filter.

8.     Get rid of the Teflon and non-stick bakeware. These products are deemed safe at low to medium temperatures, but who hasn’t let the oil get too hot in the pan, or roasted at high temperatures and damaged the pan? Toxic gases are released when these types of cookware are scratched or heated to high temperatures.

9.     Meditate and clear your mind. All our bodies organ systems work better when we remove excessive stress hormones and worry. Integrate mindfulness into your everyday.

10.   Check your metabolism and excretion pathways. I'm talking bowel movements, urination, sweat and liver health.  At Earth Mother, we have access to functional testing to assess heavy metal toxicity, liver function and hormonal disruption if you have concerns.