Earth Mother – Natural Health is a community-based clinic offering a range of natural health services. The clinic is founded on the principles of nurture and care as symbolized by the Venus of Willendorf, the original Earth-mother. Our wonderful team of dedicated practitioners will work with you within their fields of expertise to support and improve your health and help foster a sense of self-nurture.

The Venus of Willendorf and our logo:

The logo of the clinic is inspired by the Venus of Willendorf. This beautiful little statue of an other-worldly woman, only eleven-centimeters high, was found in the village of Willendorf, Austria, in 1908. Archeologists have dated her to between 24,000 – 22,000 BC. Known as the Great Mother, the Venus of Willendorf symbolises the deep unconditional love and nurture of the Mother. The seven rings around her head represent the seven levels of human consciousness and remind us to connect with the Self and challenge our sub-conscious beliefs that limit our lives.

These ideas of love, nurture and connection with the Self, underpin the philosophy of the clinic. Taking care of your own health and wellbeing is a positive step towards a conscious connection with the Self.

About us:

The creation of this clinic began six years ago with a vision given to Kathy. At the time Kathy was living in Randwick, Sydney, but the vision clearly showed that a clinic was to be established in South-East Tasmania. A subsequent holiday to Tasmania and a lunch visit to Cygnet made it clear that the clinic was to be created in this beautiful village. Kathy had been told in the vision that a range of practitioners would come to work in the clinic, though no further details were given.

In July 2016 Kathy and her husband, Marcus, were finally able to relocate to the Huon Valley and immediately bought a block of land in Cygnet. They both knew that somehow the clinic was to be started soon. Sadly, Marcus passed through suicide on 22 September that same year. Shocked and grieving the sudden loss of her companion of thirty-seven years, Kathy let all ideas and dreams of the clinic fall away.

However, the vision was passed to Marcus and Kathy’s daughter, Heather, also a naturally gifted medium. In November of 2016, just weeks after the loss of her father, Heather was given a vivid dream that indicated she was to move immediately to Tasmania and begin creating the clinic of her mother’s vision. Trusting in the messages she received, Heather packed up her life in Brisbane and moved to the Huon Valley.

Heather arrived in January 2017 and almost immediately things began to fall into place. A location for the clinic became available and gifted practitioners began crossing her path. Contacts were shared for other required professionals such as accountant, solicitor and graphic designer. Clearly it was now the right time for the birth of the clinic.